There are times where I feel so worthless, so ugly, and so unloved that I've even considered suicide. After awhile, I get over it… but still. I feel like this problem has become worst in the last few days. I'll be alright for most of the day, but at night I think about how mean people have been to me and how sensitive I am to everything. Maybe it's just the usual emotions of mine or it could be something else. I hope I don't have depression.
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3 Responses Aug 17, 2014

I have read a few of your story/experiences and would like to message you in private. Please add me, or message me (anyone can with my settings).

I know this is a almost 2 months old, so hopefully you are doing much better now, beatiful :)

After every dark night there's a bright day after :)

Not as much as you :)