Someone Tickle Me Please!!!!

its been wayyyy too long since i had a real good tickle. i was 14 years old and i was dating this kid named josh ( he was the one that got me into tickling, but thats another story) but anywhoo he tricked me ( i was very guliable back then) he said "hey babe let me see ur hands real quick" and he tied them up at tis time i know what he was up to at this point. i was begging him "no no no no please no" but he jumped on me and started tickling my sides and my underarms like crazy it felt like forever but then he moved lower and was tickling my inner thighs, the backs on my knees and i was going crazy i couldnt breath i was begging him to stop and he just wouldnt and i was LOVING it, he jumped back to the top and started all over again, he did this countless amounts of time but then i started not to be able to take it anymore and i finally got free and tried crawling away but he wa like "oh no where do u think ur going" and dragged me back by my feet and sat on my ankles and started to tickle my feet and thats where i lost my mind omgggg i never had something tickle so bad in my life, his fingers felt like each of them had a set of hands of their own. LMFAO but he finally stopped after a while when i told him i had to pee but he was still tickling me and making me promise him he can tickle me more when i got back i had to say yes to get him to finally stop.
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ok r you in LA?

Can you tell me where you're from?
Because I would love to give you a good tickling session.

Hey, I would love for a good tickle session, is it possible that we tickle each other?

If you live anywhere close to me.

I\'m in miami

Western suburbs of Chicago I\'m afraid.

oh darn, well its ok

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I would love to re-create this, but for additional good measure shorts and a bikini top for you and some good bondage play. Interested?

Such a sexy story! Would love to tickle you myself!

really now? do tell how u would do so =]