The Downside To A Great Heart

The one downside/negative part to being the type of person who devotes his heart almost entirely to befriending, helping and loving that while the Positive is magnified by my effort, the Negative will recoil MUCH harder to me: Meaning that I take insults and being hurt by a friend, MUCH more harshly than others. I wont retaliate, I wont be upset, I wont be angry, I can ONLY be....profoundly saddened and almost emotionally immobilized by the hurt...Other people will be able to get past it SO much easier. I have to deal with a minor set in depression every time a friend is needlessly angry at me, or hates me, abandons me, etc...Its simply not fun being that emotionally vulnerable.
InfiniteArgus InfiniteArgus
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3 Responses Jul 10, 2010

You hit exactly nail on the head for the way I am feeling right now. I sways feel as if I go out of my way for others yet I am the one who always ends up hurt. I am starting to believe the people who are selfish and don't care have it a whole lot easier.

Good point, right on.

I agree. Trying to be not nice is so damn uncomfortable.