Honestly Why Do I Care So Much

Really looking at my life I don't understand why I care as much as I do. Okay I am a naturally caring person. I will do anything for a friend but it always ends up me being walked on and upset. There has been a saying that people always tell me and I hate it. My friends acquaintances, people that know of me always say "You are zoo nice and innocent" Lets get this start I am nice but it doesn't mean that I'm nice (hope that makes sense). What is the point in being mean or rude? What will I gain from that? I do nice things because I like to help. I'll do all of this for you and end up getting nothing out of it. This is fine because I don't expect anything but a Thank You in return, but when I am doing all of this for you and keep caring, and trying to help I would hope you do something in return now and then. Ugh! Sometimes I hate that I care so much because sometimes its not worth the stress, pressure, inconvenience and hurt when you can't do something and they blame it on you.

Well I am through playing peoples games and caring and finding out I really should have stayed away.

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Oct 17, 2011