How To Put The Brakes On Passion?

Why do I care so much? And how do I start stopping not caring.
My whole life I have been told I’m too nice and I care too much. At the ripe age of 33 I still pounder back and forth thoughts about this.

Why don’t others care as much as I do? Are most people so heartless they don’t keep others in consideration? Grant you their emotions are on them I don’t control that but I do relate to people on an unnatural way. Someone gets hurt other people laugh, I cry, too emotional too I guess. I Guess I can relate so easy that I keep that in the back of my mind when dealing with others.

Yet it comes to things when I fear and feel used taken advantage of and not heard.

My own husband says I care too much. He says I should care too much about something’s and not so much about other things. But, the question is HOW? I care period. I care how you feel, I care how you react, Grant you I don’t control how you feel. I can make suggestions and do things to make your day easier and more pleasant. I guess the fault is on my own when I expect the same in return.

I always thought I was a perfectionist however I’m not and it was a hard thing to figure out as everyone told me about me being a perfectionist. But I’m not. I just care to much sadly I care about other people over my own self feelings and everything else.

A lot needs to be said when I feel for other people over myself. That’s the red flag I flagged on myself. Maybe my thought process is wrong. Maybe others shouldn’t care as much as I do maybe I do need to care less. But how do you put the brakes on passion?
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You described my wife to a "T". Your quote, "A lot needs to be said when I feel for other people over myself" is perfect. You need to move yourself up a notch or two on the priority list.

I know but how? How can one do that. I value so much even my self but i'd rather go with out then watch someone else go with out. I know I can deal with it. I fear others might not or i'll have to deal with them not being able to deal with it. it's sounds easy but it really isn't!

Do you feel like a door mat to others?

Sometimes.. but more times then not those people are quickly removed

If what you mean by "removed" is that they are terminated and body disposed of, then I think you are not a door mat nor are you as submissive as you think. ;)

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