Words Few Deep Connections

i enjoy the sensitive way , a women communicates

good gurls, bad gurls , in lov not in lov

young old , we all want other women

desiring us , desiring themselves

making each other dizzy silly

turning each other on beyond belief

taking each other to heaven and back


at times disappointing each other

the possible and the imposable dreams

fantastic and realistic, at times acted out

yet sensitive to titillate , turn each other on

we all are a collection , of desires

no sex, race, class or culture


even our heads sitting in buses turn

to see a sexy, soft gentle encounter

entertain fantasies which we yearn for

others fear it may become a reality

some of us may or may not like these desires

depends on how we deal with our feelings

with each other , making lov between two women

can be exciting , wonderful experience


confidence must override our fears

attraction of another women is stimulating

and can be serious pleasure

like a rough tender romance

willingness to share openness


sea of comfort and lov

high waves of endless ecstasy

glowing like natures kiss

tie her to a bed post and spank her

show her the pleasures of danger

dress in colorful costumes

cleavage exposed


nothing i wouldn't do for a woman i sleep with

all night washed in sweet sweat fingers tangle

sweetly inside each other

drink like cherry wine


lips in memory of passion

in the arms of you i will let myself be loved

like a sexy princess in jewels

cAnDy kisses of the tongue

of my soul my passionate lover

while we sleep , our souls will make love


CrystalRainsPearls CrystalRainsPearls
41-45, F
9 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Beautiful sensuality throughout. I'm breathless. xoxox


Thank u all for the comments..This is written for women that desire woman only..and i'm one..nothing against men.i am loved by woman only..even now.. :) what i enjoy..

Love this and I am only attracted to women.So it is only women for me I'm a lesbian a man would never do! Love you candy! xoxoxo (not in my chemistry) WOMEN ARE!

I prefer women too and the pictures are lovely indeed...

Bowed!!UR so nice ur comments are really special..Lov and hugs!! T.U. bows for bowed! nice indeed! UR lovely!

thanx sis hope u feel better soon..menthol rub.. lemon hot tea.. :) kisses and hugs!!

*giggles* great getting ready for sweet dreams ! and U how are U?

Hi sis thankx :) hugs :) ur too sweet !! *blush*