I Loved My Wife

I have been married for the last 12 years to the woman of my dreams. Unfortunately, she gave birth to s son from hell! After we got together we discovered he was into cannabis! This led to my wife loosing the hole of her family. We tried to stop my wife’s son, and her nephew from abusing hour house. While my mother in-law wouldn’t except her grandsons would do such a thing! So she convinced all of her family to to push us out! She even tried to take my wife’s son away from her. But when he abused her home with drugs she threw him out as well.

So now he is the only thing from her previous life, and she doesn’t want to lose him.

He has snits turned into a lire, fief, con artist, as well as a drug dealer! The problem is she has always put him first in front of everyone else in our family.

It turns out I have an alligy with Cannabis! Consequently; most of every dispute that I have ever had with my wife was either to do with him, or the shortage of money.

We would come in covered in burnt cannabis and make me ill. I would complain, and my wife would have the hump with me because she can’t even smell the stuff.

In the end, she created such a wall between us that we could never communicate. And so she ended up having an affair. Se admitted everything after being confronted, and now she spends all of her time with a man that will now supply every thing that I couldn’t afford!

The big problem is, although I have agreed to head for divorce (Not my preference, but I can’t come close to comp eating) we still have to live together in the same house. I live on Disability allowance and so far can’t afford to find anywhere I can afford to move to.

The following is what I now believe to be a complete setup in view to getting me removed from our council house!

I took a friend up town for an appointment. As I was up there, I dropped into one of the guns-hops to see if Granddads shot gun was back from being deactivated. As it was I brought it home with me. (They tried to charge me £175. But the agreed price was £100 as that was all I got when I sold all of the other Shot-guns)

When I got it home, I chucked it on our bed. Later I got a text from another friend saying Happy Birthday, and that she had a card; but hadn’t got around to sending it. I was rood and sarcastic! I replied saying “You are tacking the ****. I rather be ded” (I was assuming she knew of my forth coming divorce)

Later I met up with W. She said what balls you been sending d; so I told her. She then told me how she text her saying something on the line of how could you do what you are doing to your husband. He loves you. I know he has guns, and I then the might do something silly! And so we then compared texts.

Later in the afternoon I was watching tv with my daughter on the bed. (Deactivated hot-gun still laying there as I hadn’t bothered to put it any were. Wally walked in; looked at the gun and asked if she could borrow it for a second. (I was thinking what the hell would she want to borrow it for!) She picked it up and pushed a window open with the barrel. She then chucked it back onto the bed before walking out of the room.

At this pointing time, Daughter asked if we could watch tv down stairs. Shortly after settling to our new position in front of the front room tv, W got a phone call on her mobile. So she went into the back garden. I thought sodding boyfriend; wife fief. Then W cord Goughter to join her on the phone. Then they both came back threw the front room and W said something like “We are just popping out. We won’t be long. And they disappeared out of the front door.

I thought a little strange as W relay explained what her plans in life were since she admitted cheating on me. I turned the telly of and went back upstairs to fiddle with something (possibly on the laptop. I can’t remember) 20 minuets; or half hour later I herd a car pull up in a bit of a rush out side. I took a look out of the bed room window. I see a police car parked awkward on the grass verge by the road. I instantly thought they were after Christ. Perhaps they were hoping to arrest him for his drugs; or come to do yet another house search for his drugs? Ether way I thought I’d go see what was happening. I went down stairs and took a look out of the door. I herd one of the police saying my name John. It was quirt enough I thought they were talking among there self’s.

One beckoned me to go over. I made an indication as to say; you want me? The police man nodded. I held my finger up as to say just a second. I went and grabbed a house key. (W had the car keys on her from going out earlier) I didn’t want to get locked out of my own house.

After slipping an old pair of work shoes on, I limped along our path towards the police car. As I got part way, I could see that there were 3 police cars and not one. As I got closer still, I could now see 5 cars. (I’m now thinking that they want Step son reel bad this time. But as I got up to the police men by the edge of the grass verge I could now see that both ends of the road were blocked off with two moor police cars with their lights going. Police were standing on both sides of all of the seven cars all in full uniform.

As I approached the police man that originally backend me over to him, he said; your wife’s a bit concerned. Have you got a shot-gun? Suddenly realising in my own mind what was happening. W putting two and two together and making 16! I said “No! I have a Deactivated shot-gun! With that I was lead further away from the house. I spent the next half of a hour leaning on our car bonnet talking to the police while they sersh our house with dogs!

When they come close to finishing I was allowed to talk to a couple of the nebours and tell them what really happened (Or so I thought at the time!) Then came the moment I was told that they would like me to go and be checked out in a hospital. When I agreed although I nonsidered I hadn’t been given any choice in the matter. They then searched me; bagged what few positions I had in my pockets and I was then told the act from which they were taking me in. They then told me as I was going voluntary of my own free will they would not hand cuff me and led me to the back of their car.

I was taken to the A Sicratic Hospital . A place that I have never herd of before!

Once in the place and doors locked behind. I got to talk to something like 17 different people. Then finally cone the assessment I had been waiting for. They had brought in a psychologist; a doctor and a member of the social service teem to ask questions on the chances of the likely hood of me wanting top myself or that of wanting to go murdering anyone else!

After half of an hour interrogation; and another half of an hour were they went and disgust there opinions they come back to let me know that they had decided that there was no reason that I couldn’t return home. A taxi was arranged to get me back. It just remained for the doctor to phone W to let her know that they were sending me home. But when the doctor returned; he explained ally was a little upset, and perhaps it might be better if I stayed for the night!

Just for the peace of the situation, I once agreed.

I was escorted over to the Corral Word were I had no choice but sit and wait for what seemed hours. As I hadn’t eaten or the best part of two days I was taken to a kitchen and given the makings of a jam sadwidge.

Past 11-00pm I was finally taken to my room. (All bedroom doors have a card lock like hotels. My key never worked so I never had a key during the howl of my stay) I was supplied with new sheets, showed the wash and toilet and told to leave the toilet light on as they had to check every 15 minuets. I was then left to settle. I soon discovered how impossible it was going to get any sleep at all. The bed was to short, the covers barely covered the bed, the mattress was one that is supposed to conform to the shape of your body, (But it had a pit in it. And I generally sleep face down. But if I tried lying face down; my back would be bending backwards!) But worst of all; both the mattress, and duvet cover were covered in plastic. His caused you to sweat all night. Added to witch I generally get to feel the cold! So I got to feel cold and sweat pretty well every night that I was there. And just for amusement; you get to here doors banging until one or two in the morning, with the occasional alarm sounding off.

Come the next morning I was on the under-standing that when things got moving they would be getting me a taxi and sending ne home. I fingered around 9-00am. No chance. Come 11-00 a nurse informed me that wasn’t the case! I had to see a doctor for another assessment, and that wouldn’t be until probably 3pm.

Finny I was taken to see the doctor for the risk assessment. It concluded with the doctor telling me that he couldn’t see any reason that I couldn’t go home so I went back to the tortures room to wait to go. some hours later I was informed that my wife had some reservations, and a group meeting had been set up the next day at 2-00 to try and reach some mural ground. (Whatever that was supposed to mean)

So came a third night in the hell hole. I lay on the bed for the second day in a row day. Finally W arrived with Aimee. But as kids are not allowed on the word I was allowed out side with a nurse to see my doughter before the nurse took Aimee to look after her while sally and my self went and talked to the doctor. The look on W’s face showed that she was less than happy.

The doctor started the conisation saying that W had highlighted two orations that I showed a violent nature, to which W was only too happy to remind me of. The fist being not long after we had met! She had bort two packets of chocolate fingers on a bye one get one. We gave her brother one packet, and put the other up for later. But shortly after when W and myself were sitting in bed C wanted the other packet, and wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He progressively went threw our bedroom in search of the chocolate fingers. With no luck he decided to open a bottle of lemonade and start pour to it over my head while I was still in the bed. I gave him fair warning as he was going over the top. So when he poured moor over my head. I jumped up and gave chase. I court him in the top of the stairs. I informed him that W had given me (At that time) authorisation should I feel it necessary to chuck him out of the house; never to return! I told him it was up to him. With that he went and him I his bed room. W was less than pleased as it reminded her what Her Ex was like. I reasoned with her that I couldn’t have him walk all over me for the rest of our married life!

The other mentioned situation was far moor volatile. Again it took place early on in our relationship. After we had found out both C and W’s nephew P were using Cannabis. We had band Ben form our house. We had even had a solicitor’s letter sent to him with that effect. As the two boys were not getting there way with in our house with their drug abuse. One evening P decided to call. But as W started to open the door, P pushed his way in and pushed W into the stairs (damaging her back in the process) He then ripped her glasses off of her face and broke them. While this was happening I had called the police from the upstairs bedroom. After the call, when I get to the top of the stairs P had grabbed W by the front and was telling her of what had previously happened to another member of her family. I have know doubt that if I hadn’t gone down the stairs and put him out of the house he would have smashed sally in her face.

The doctor took note. Then my physical health was questioned. The doctor made comment as to difficulties with my Chronic fatigue. Once again P jumped in by saying how is it when the phone rings I can get up and sort things out in other people’s gardens when I can’t be bothered to do anything at home? The look on the doctor’s face was priceless! He briefly had a look as to say; are you really that stupid! He then told W that he really couldn’t see any reason to keep me in the hospital any longer. I just had to see a member of the Chrissies teem before I could leave.

A nurse let us both out into the foyer so we could get to the cafeteria were Aimee was. After some time I went back onto the word to see about the chrysies team. I ended up waiting in my room for hours. I was just on my way to find out if anyone had a clew what was happening as I was concerned about W and my daughter eating. I was informed that W had taken my daughter to the Mc Donald’s. Come perhaps around 5-00 I was told Sally was back but the Chrissies Team couldn’t get there that night. But given the situation they were prepared to let me go for the night on some form of leave providing I was back at 1-30 the next afternoon, for a meeting at 2-00

By the time I got to W she was steaming. She said that she was just about P*** ** and was about to tell them she was going home. She said that she preferred to drive home. When we got home W stayed in the car and went on her phone. And when I got into our kitchen I see tow bottles of opened wine on the table. My daughter immediately said “No one has been here dad!” So why would she be compelled to make a statement like that? (It was much later that I learnt that Not only had W had her new boyfriend in the house the fist night that she had me locked up in the hospital. But she had sex on the front room as Aimee herd for still being awake; and then they had another go in my bed! And believe me the bed sheets were far from clean)

As arranged, I drove back over to the hospital to be singed out (or so I thought) I had the meeting with the member of the Chrissies Team (A black fellow that I could barely under stand) he filed out his risk assessment. And I waited. Eventually a nurse took me to a private room for a discussion. She explained that the Man from the Chrissies Team wasn’t happy and now for the fist time they wanted to keep me longer. She carried on to say that as I was there under my own will the lor stared that after 72 hours I could in theory walk out of the place. But she then went on to say that if I did the hospital would then have me sanctioned. And if that happened I could be kept in there indefinitely. (So much for the 72 hour rule!)

It goes with out saying, my life came tumbling down. The thought of staying on that bed for one moor night was moor than I could cope with. The nurse opened the room I had been staying in. What a mess. Some one else had stayed in there the previous night the bed was a mess, and tobacco was all over the chest of draws. I was later given clean lining for the bed.

I text W with the news, she didn’t seem amused. After all it was inconvenient that I had the car when she probably wanted to go running after her boyfriend.

Come Friday W text with a view of dropping in on the way to Mind Head for there holiday. I told her not to bother, as she had done moor than enough! But she came anyway. This time I had a nurse as an escort to go out to see Aimee. My daughter seemed genuinely sorry for me being their. She even gave me a hug before I sent her on her way. The nurse had me sit on a bench for a while to sort myself out before going back onto the ward. She looked thoughtfully before asking if I still loved my wife. And even then, after it seemed obvious W had deliberately give information to have me kept there. I did; I still loved her.

Back in my personal prison sell I lay on the bed dreading the unknown when a doctor came to see me. We talked some moor. And he conformed my fears. He thought that the soonest I could expect another review would not be before Wednesday or Thursday the following week. I had to except that I was now going no-were for the duration!

My step-son turned up very unexpected. Sally had asked him to bring a few things in.

Having some thought on the matter I came to the conclusion that they kept asking me as to weather I thought I might go hang myself. And as I was the one under suspicion; how could they make a fair conclusion? I went to the nurses office and asked if they could get a note to the doctor in charge of me. I put it to him; why not talk to someone out side of my family that knew me well. And I gave him a name and phone No with a brief description of the proposed fellow in question.

Come Saturday I got to meet yet another face to witch I explained I always stayed in my room for I felt there centre had no interest to me. And how I hadn’t even reserved any of my normal medication snits I had mean admitted into the place. The good news was that she was on the understanding the doctor had indeed contacted my friend and had a chat. And that a group meeting was to be set up to discuss my situation. And the doctor was normally in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (With my luck it ha to be a Thursday and even then the reel possibility of being kept was big!

W’s Brother turned up for a visit. I had forgot I ext his home phone. Come Sunday my little sister came along with my friend. The nurses let us use a private room for extensive discussions.

Monday seemed somewhat non-eventful. But it was confirmed a meeting group meeting had been set up for Tuesday afternoon of which my friend would be attending. As always time dragged on.

So the big day (Or so it seemed at the time) I was up at 7-00 washed, Shaved (With a razor that shouldn’t have been in my position. (Safety reasons!) The morning dragged on. Come the afternoon My friend arrived and once again we were given the use of a quirt room to discus the meeting. As usual there was a break down in information. I was given one time, and my friend was given another!

Eventual we were lead to the meeting, we sat and all introduced their self’s. The ward nurse, the doctor, the rep form the chrysies teem, and the social rep. My friend seemed to start the discussions. The doctor about 2 thirds threw the meeting excused himself as he had important calls. Come the end of the meeting all parties explained that they were all happy for me to leave and go home. But there would be strict phone contact from the chrysies team. They would phone home, ten my mobile. Then is there were still no contact they would call my friend and finally the Police!

I now had to wait for a release paper, so my friend left while I waited. My sister came over she had retrieved some personal belongings of mine. As usual with the hospital the waiting was endless, but finally I was given a piece of paper about 6” square the met I could leave and go home.

The whole stink of the situation; I didn’t have to spend one night in the place. That was slowly down to what W and her friend said to the doctors from the start. I could have been home that first night. It was only the fist man from the Crisis Teem that had any objection of me leaving the hospital and being under the supervision of the Crisis Team. All of the other medical staff had decided I was fit to go home.

The first thing that stuck out when we pulled up out side of the house was the bin bags by the dustbin. My step-son had striped out our fridge and larder of anything that he considered out of date; leaving the place quite bare. When going up stairs into the bedroom the bed was striped, two glasses on the side, he’s sox lay on the floor on my side. It was clear he had been using the bed.

I went out for a few minuets, mean while he arrive home form walking his dog. He asked my sister if I was collecting a few bits. When she informed him No, I’m back home, he tried to give the impression that he was he was happy by saying “About time” He then immediately rang W to let her know. I gather the news of my return was not exactly welcome. My sister herd heron the other end of the phone say “what the f** Hell he doing back. He’s been sanctioned!” He lingered on for some time before he finally departed to the drug ridden place he spends his nights.

It was later while I remade the bed that I then noticed that one of our wall safes had been half ripped off of the wall! W’s personal and expensive bits) As you might expect no one wants’ to explain it. I was locked up. W was in the West Country. A good friend along the road has a key to the house but I can’t imagine her wanting to rip ether of us off. My step-son had had regular accesses with W’s key. And it’s not impossible that W got her boyfriend a key as they expected me to be permanently stuck in the hospital. So hew was responsible for the attempted theft? My step-son tried to suggest the Police. But why would they want to bother when I had given them the numbers to all of them?

Of cores it’s only a coincident that a few weeks earlier that I discovered items missing from the safes while I was trying to take my personal bits out of the house in preparation of moving out. Now what dose that look like? Man and wife split up. Things go missing while one is moving bits out. Now hew gets the blame?

But the reel sad thing is; I can’t stop loving her!!
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Aug 14, 2010