Oh Well...

I'm prettty sure i have many a times. It's almost what I end up doing. I like to help others out wherever I can, but each time i do, I ed up hurting myself bnecause i put too much pressure on myself. I mean, I do't like to back down when someone asks for my assitance, especially if there is something serious. But, i end up getting alot of people that need help, and the pressure just build and builds until I end up going into a almost fatal state of murderous intent!!!! Which in the end, results in me harming myself in some way, whetehr mental or physical. It's either that, or I end up causing serious harm tothose I just tried to help, or any other random that gets in my way fpor that matter.

HellScyth HellScyth
18-21, M
Apr 7, 2008