I Really Am Sorry

I don't know what to say. I felt like i'm a really bad daughter to actually said something so rude to my father. I shouldn't have talked back. He is my father and even if he's mad at the world or to us, I should be more understanding to him. I know better than to spite at him. I know that he's suffering from depression and he's also a bit lost. Everyday I saw him getting weaker and weaker. I want to help him but he's too proud of himself to even accept it. My mom's pretty tired already and I know she wanted to at least be there for him even if he's giving her a hard time.

Yesterday, something really bad happened that kinda made me embarrass. Mama got mad. I was stunned to witness it, too and I kind of overreacted. Thinking about it now, I was wrong. I should have helped him and he was honestly not feeling well. He may have done something wrong but there's no reason for us to lash out at him. Now, I felt so guilty. He said something that really hurt me yesterday but then he was right also. I just didin't expect he would say that to my face and in front of my sister but I still have to forgive him and I think I have to do something for him rather than just ignore him. I don't how to say sorry but I thought of writing him.  Anyway, he needs us now more than anything. He might be a pain in the *** most of time but he is still my father.

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2 Responses Feb 18, 2007

Just tell him you are sorry you got angry at him and he hurt you, then just walkaway. But choose your moment. Don't tell him while in a bad mood. Boot camp would be great for him. He can get his anger out and stay proud because he is fighting against something. Which when a guy is angry he wants to lash out on something to get it out. Too bad that isn't an option.