Lots Faster Than Bi-polar

I go up and down a lot faster than the typical definition of bi-polar... My doctor has not diagnosed this, I dont think there is a questionaire that fits....Red Wine has helped me with less side effects than meds.

36-40, F
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I think it is hormonal and also made worse from negative situations and stress...

Hi I have been diagnosed with cyclothymia. Bi-polar disorder runs in my family. I think I am normal of course. I have achieved in many areas in life; and I think I am more manic than suffering from depression. I have been rejected most of my life. I have always been considered different, and I have just never fit in. It hurts but I am not going to give up in the midst of all of this pain. I know that God loves me. People who are born with a mental illness, don't choose it, and say "hey I think I'll pick a mental illness!" I for one don't really think I have one, but I went to my Doctor one day and explained my hyper- activity during the time of my menstral cycle and she said since Bi-polar runs in my family she labeled what Cyclothymia. She said I don't have to take meds because it is mild.<br />
I don't know. Anyway who really knows when it comes to psychology and the brain? really? It seems like a lot of guess work? I don't know. Okay Research? But does anybody really knows what triggers it or where it comes from?

Hi. I have Cyclothymia. There is a forum called The Cyclothymia Collective out there on the Internet that is very supportive and can answer questions about all aspects of Cyclothymia.<br />
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You seem to be experiencing something called Rapid Cycling, which is a big part of Cyclothymia. My rapid cycling was stopped completely with a combination of medications. I used to self-medicate with alcohol, too. The thing is with self-medication, you only do it once you are feeling. With doctor-prescribed medication tailored specifically to your case, you don't have to go to the bad moods at all.It is possible to become 100% stable, no loss of sex drive, no loss of creativity.