Pretty Well Considering

i think i turned out pretty good considering that my mother died at age 11 . my father divorced my mother at age 9 i believe and went to live with her . had no father figure after that really . was abused from my foster mother, father and uncle . then battled alot of medical problems , learning disabilities .  being made fun of for being sensative and not an ******* . and now i am battleing doctor apts to see nerologists and phygologist . considering that with what is wrong with me and  how i push myself i turn out alright . my mother taught me many things indirectly . work your butt off  , always keep going , treat people right , respect other people health problems .  what my father taught me was basically what not to do in life really .

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Keep the faith. You have the heart of a lion and the eye of the tiger. Just don't start monkeying around. LOL. Have a good one.

Wow, sounds like a lot to deal with in life. From what I've read of you before, you seem like you did very well all things considered.