Cut To The Chase

It's great to have a platform to vent, but how about a succinct and straighforward checklist if you will, from those that graduated from (1) "I think I want..." to (2) "I know I want..." to (3) "I got a divorce"? It would be awesome.

I am new to this group. I am mainly in the ILIASM group, with a bit of blogging on the side. I realized that maybe I should be here. The closer I move to Stage 3, the more nervous (and excited) I become. It's really scary. I would like an appending anecdote about the emotional stages too. Was it worth it? Should I follow through with this? Can someone go through the steps now please? Is it wise to cut my losses and begin the chase find someone I adore, who adores me in return?

imathinkin imathinkin
51-55, F
Apr 11, 2011