We Have Been Married For Almost Two Months Now....

He cooks, he cleans,  he brings home free food, and pays half the rent.
He's a jerk.  He stares at other women.  He flirts a lot.  He does not hear me when I talk, but takes advice from other women.  He called me a bad name.  He cannot get / keep it up when we make love.  He plays video games.  He does not drive.

I think he does not love me / find me attractive.  He says otherwise, but his actions show that he is a liar.
I really do love him, and I would like to work on the relationship, but I think he does not want to work on it. 
Sad but true....after two months of marriage.....our marriage is over.  I want to cry.  Divorce seems inevitable.... .....  I need a hug!
Yohanna Yohanna
36-40, F
4 Responses Oct 13, 2011

leave before it gets worse

Sorry to hear about your marital problems, here's a BIG HUG for YOU (you don't say how much age difference there is) but in my humble opinion you should set him straight about what you expect from him in the marriage.<br />
Or cut your losses and get out no sense being in a unhappy marriage get out while the getting is good so to speak when there is kids involved for instance things get a lot harder to change.

So why the hell did you marry in the first place?<br />
<br />
I agree with you though - cut your losses and lose the anchor now. I've found that I've always been better off alone than with the wrong person.

I just read your story and wonder how things are going with you and your marriage. I read that you are in BC, as I am also. If you ever need to talk, and have a chatting buddy feel free to message me!