Married A Year... Already Headed For My Second Divorce...

I got married a year ago... not even.  My husband decided to try to start his own business in another state.  I knew it would put distance between us, and I wasn't happy about it, but supportive.  I told him I'll be alright, if he does everything possible to be home as much as possible.  By the time we hit our 1 year mark... I will have spent 31 days with my husband.  I hate being alone all the time.  His business hasn't really been going so well, and he wouldn't go get a job to fill in the gaps, and make money for us to be together.  He could have come home for 3 months, while his business had some, he took a night job, where he is, instead of coming home for a piddly job, and being with me.  He is so narrow minded right now.  He doesn't even see our marriage/relationship as something that is just as important.  I understand he has to be gone, but trust me, he could have spent at least a few days a month with me.  I have a daughter in middle school, and have to stay here right now.  I work a part time job, that barely covers our bills, barely, if at all. With no other job options for me, right now.   I just feel life if I'm going to be alone all the time, and not have my feelings put into any sort of consideration...why should I try. I do love him, I think, but I'm soo mad at him right now, I can't even say for sure how I feel about him.  I might seem petty and selfish in this story.  Its hard to project the whole story.  But it saddens me to think of having to wait for his dreams and goals to come through, for him to care about me and my dreams and goals.  Grrr!
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Hi! Im sure theres more to this story... But you are right, its hard to project the whole story. What comes across my mind is that people, generally speaking, tend to avoid doing things they dont like, and people,generally, will always find time for the things that are important to them. <br />
Can you think of any reason why your husband doesnt want to spend time at home with you? <br />
My thoughts are hes either running away from something, or running to someone/something. The third option is that he may feel incapable of providing for his family as much as he would like or considers enough, and this is whats driving him to priotise any chance of making money over you and his life at home. You know, like feeling: let me just do this, make money for us first, no matter what the cost, and then we can live happily ever after.- in this case, you have to make him understand its all about the balancing things in life, and you have to make him understand that hes worthy to you with money or not, and help him reestablish his self-esteem regarding this matter. <br />
Im sorry if i sounded harsh, my only intention was to give you my perspective regarding your story. Best of luck.