I Just Don't Know If I Love Him Anymore

I don't know where to start. I have been married 2 years and I have been thinking about leaving my husband. He's just never there for me anymore. He works 70 hour weeks (I work full time too) and when we're together all he wants to do is sit in silence and watch tv. I think he's suffering from depression and I have suggested he get help and even suggested we get counselling but he says we don't need it. We clearly do as I don't know what else to do. I'm at the stage where I still want to at least try to make this work so at least if it doesn't we will know we did everything we could. My husband also has anger issues and finds it very hard to talk about things. Anytime we have any kind of conversation he blows up and starts screaming and swearing at me and it usually ends with him huffing at me for the rest of the evening and refusing to speak. Our sex life is non existent but I Know he still has a sex drive as he watches **** when I'm out. I have started finding other men at work attractive and feel guilty because I enjoy attention from them and enjoy flirting. I have to stress I haven't cheated. I keep thinking just wish we could go back to the beginning when I felt really loved. Our wedding day was the happiest day of my life and I know I truly loved him but he's like a stranger now. I just need advice on how to take this forward.
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1 Response May 6, 2012

I recognize some common issues in your story, the only difference is im further down the road cause ive been married longer. Im guessing the guy you married is stil there, its just that men easily get lulled in marriage thinking: ok, we are married now, i live with her, we are together every day, shes my wife now, i can relax now, i dont have to try as hard anymore. They focus on other issues in their life (especially if they have demanding careers)...<br />
Which is a mistake ofcourse., and i hope your lucky and this is the only issue. <br />
If you can talk to him openly, i suggest you tell him this and more, how unhappy you are and how youd like to get that spark back... Maybe he ll respond if you choose the right words. Dont start accusing him, just speak about how you feel. <br />
Hope it works. Good luck