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I been married only 5 husbands son and his gf lives with us my husband wont stand up for me when it comes to his son yelling and cussing at me son is 30 lives here rent free with gf and baby I am the only one that wil l clean the house I gave up everythig I had to marry this man.....Someone called Welfare on the sons gf They came out here and they think I did it....They are giving me so much hell.....And yet my husband says nothing I talked with him last nite about all this He said I dont see them doing it so I cant say nothing to them..My husband does work allday.. The son workd a few hrs aday and his gf dont work at all.....Should my husband tell them to get out of this house?

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Sounds like a long distance relationship gone bad. I agree with unreality66. Get the marriage annulled, and walk out. You will never get the husbands support and will drive yourself crazy trying to get him to change. It is HIS kid. Blood is thicker than water. You are replaceable, his kids are not. If the son is 30 and still living off of DADDY, you have set yourself up in a NIGHTMARE! If you don't like the dark, then open the door and walk out. Being a built in slave, and housekeeper is what you have got. I don't know your back ground with this guy, but you were treated like a mushroom. Put in the dark and fed a lot of ****. I hope you see the light now. GOD BLESS

I totally agree with unreality66...

Pack a bag and set it by the front door - tell your spouse either this ends or I leave - pick one. Keep your word - no one should have to put up with that.

Really, did you not see this before you took those vows? You always have choices in your life, never forget that. Only you can decide for yourself what you need or want to do.

Hello there No i did not see all of this I moved here to NY from Kansas.....

Has his son moved in with you since you've gotten married? Did you and your husband discuss and agree to him moving in? I don't honestly think 5 weeks is giving any marriage a chance, but if you have openly communicated your wants and desires with him, and he's choosing to lean more towards harboring his son and his son's family... well then, it sounds like you have the option to stay and try to make it work, or leave now and not invest any additional time, energy, love or money into your current situation. Good luck