Idk What To Do

I have no idea what to do I love my wife and our one daughter but it seems our realationship is done to her, I am a self employed contractor and make great money so I told her when she was pregnant that should could quit her job and be a stay at home mom if she want the only thing I asked was that she teaches our daughter something new every day and she is, I cook my own meals, clean up after myself and even do my own laundry and I have no problem with any of that, somedays ( a lot of times ) she says she had a hard day with our child so when I get home I even clean up after them, again I have no problem with that. The relationship has fallen apart for other reasons such as love : I live her more then anything but never do I feel anything in return no cuddling no close feelings at all it's been a year since anything sexual has happened trust me I have tried such things as comming home when I know she's out and laying fresh picked roses on the floor leading to the bed room where I have set up candles everywhere and when she gets home she will walk right past the bedroom into the bathroom then back to the couch as if nothing is there and it's not like I'm in bed naked I'm clothed, I'm not trying to get a lay I'm trying to make love to my wife. That aside its also her additude she treats me like a room mate, I bought huge couches so we could lay side by side and watch a movie or even some sort of cuddling and she will go sit on the other couch. It also adds up that everytime I talk to her she makes me feel like **** puts me down not directly but in her tone, and if I bring it up she says she's doig nothing wrong but even her own friends and family have told me I can do better and that she treats me so poorly that they have even said things to her, I really dont know what to do but the fact she puts me down and treats me so bad I have fallen into a depression I hate myself and feel like its all my falt, I have unofficialy spoken with a theorpist about it all and really they said I should take her to one together I brought it up to her and that was a rough couple days in the end no theoropist was visited by us both, I could literaly write for hours more about everything but it just upsets me more I love her ( well at least what she used to be 3 years ago ) and I just don't know what to do at first I thought it was hormones cause she was pregnant but our child is over 2 now and still nothing different. Again I don't know what to do any help would help thanks
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When a relationship is over, one has to move on.

I feel you pain. My husband shows no affection and i feel we have fallen out of love with each other. Your my kinda guy wish my husband was like u. But are you sure she is not going through postpartum depression after having the baby. You sound like your doing the right things. Don't blame your self but if she dowsnt change or show affection to you then I thinkyou should move on. Don't stay in the relationship for the childs sake. In the end it might hurt the child emotionally. Hope everything works out for you.

It seems like you are doing all you can and she is not responding. I feel for you because I have a similar situation with my husband. I would love it if my husband would write me a poem, love letter, or make me a mix tape. Just a response that shows he thinks about me and loves me. Maybe a letter would work with your wife. I know I'm not much help I just wanted you to know that other people feel the same way. You are not alone and what ever you decide I think it will work out.

Dump her. I am going to do the same to mine. These ******* don't deserve good men like us.