Wtf Was I Thinking???

To try to be as succinct as possible, I have been considering a divorce for some months now. This is my first marriage, one that I just knew I never wanted in the first place. After 15 years of shacking up and having 4 kids together, I finally gave in because I succumbed to his belief that no one will love me like him. The main thing that plays here is that I do not love him. I have been having multiple affairs. I'm not sure how to bring up the topic of divorce, especially when he thinks everything is good. I've not let on anything. He's very emotionally unstable and anytime I bring up a serious relationship issue, he shuts down and it effects his ability to work. This may be a manipulation tactic but its got me nowhere. I'm tired. I'm open to questions and comments. It really sucks that the holidays are here and then our first anniversary is in February. I'm feel like crap but it's gotta be done.
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1 Response Nov 25, 2012

You need to end it. You are having affairs for goodness sake. At least give your sig other the truth. If you don't you are a baddd person, remember your kids need good role models

Everyone thinks affairs are a deal breaker and the one having it is the only one to blame. There are so many other ways to mess up a relationship.