Need Of Advice

I am 28going an just had our son in July. I have 2 other children 6 an 2 from before him. We will be married a year in week.
We met last August an were pregnant in October an married in December ugh all sooo fast. He is 15 years older than me.
since about a week after we married I started hating him. I mean 98% the day I want to punch him in the face. He doesnt hit me an is even patient mostly with me but I still wanna punch him in the face for ever thing he does an says.
thought it was cause i maybe bipolar so went an got imedicated but thats helped none towards how ii feel aboutabout him anin everyday Ii wish Ii could justbe runaway........ i needhave some helpclothes on this!
What canu I do?.. im aso SAHM rightand now andan feel soabout stuck an lost!

Hhow i feel about him.
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Thank you an I wish you luck!

I have no connection with him an when he kisses me i never can kiss back or say i love you.....
it would be hard to go since he loves me for some crazy reason and the baby... I also fear with his job he will win custody of our child doing what ever he had to!

This is his 4th marriage he was married to first wife 2 times then another then me... this is my 2nd, first husband was 7 years an he was a drinking drugy cheater so I should be happy but i just am not.

I am the same way but ive been married 12yrs im getting out in june i wouldnt stay if you arnt happy sometimes you can get the marriaged annuled since its going on a yr best of luck hugs