Nothing Ever Resolves

I feel like no matter what we say to each other neither one of us can get through to the other anymore. I am tired of not being validated for how I feel and want. He says he feels the same way, that i don't appreciate him.
No matter what we say to each other about it ends up worse.

I told him we no longer understand each other anymore, that we need to talk to someone but he hates shrinks and what is important to one person is not being acknowledged by the other anymore.
Is it time to move on? We don't sleep in the same room anymore, we hardly see each other and we have a 6 month old son now...its tough.

A major contention is the in-laws we live with. They try to control every facet of my life and his mother violates my privacy by snooping upstairs in my space when I am not there. I told him it bothers me and that I would like him to speak to her about not doing it anymore. i wanted him to go to bat for me, not pick sides, just have my back but he says I am blowing it out of proportion and that I am trying to make him speak my "ill will" towards his mom and won't do it.

Am I wrong here about the whole privacy issue?
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Ipswich is beautiful!

...and quiet and boring. lol I am from california where we have 6 line highways and people stacked on each other. It is pretty...just eerily quaint. My husband is a stubborn Irish man and I do love him but the way he talks with me it feels like he is always right. I am an intelligent woman with a lot of schooling behind me and when he argues with me it feels like he does have a valid point but I feel even worse about my self or the situation after wards. I HATE DEBATING. Like today I feel I am right. All day I can't help it, but then when I talk with him, some how I am horribly wrong and almost "evil" and "selfish" for even thinking this way. It always turns so that I am wrong and I am tired of it, I really am.

I think he knows also that it is possible I could flee to cali with his child...but I am not that kind of person. i don't want him to think I am taking his child away. But that would be where I would have the most financial support in pending a divorce. you know?

She felt trapped by her circumstances as well...and stayed years after she felt she should have left. Obviously, I can't give advice to someone I dont know. But you need to get him to realize what he is doing to your your self esteem. He wont change if you cant get him to realize this.

You are not even close to being wrong. My GF had the same issues early in her marriage and the resentment of her husband not sticking up for her, led in part to her divorce. You are his wife and first priority...if he does not understand that....then he does not repsect you.

haha you in worcester? I'm in ipswich funny huh. but yes i understand that and it is another thing to know this and another thing to act on it and unfortunately for my marriage I am at a stand still and pretty saddened by it.