Dust On The Lightbulb

So when people have that 'ah ha' moment a light bulb goes off, things in view are clear, colors are brighter, words are the page are easier to read. This is my story.... (the short version).

I have been in a happy and content relationship for 15 years. I married my husband because well..... that's just what your supposed to do after that long. But I always had this underlying sense of "not forever" with him. I always made excuses not to buy a house with him, always made excuses of why I don't want children with him. And I thought it was just because I didn't want that stuff. But when I met this other guy my whole world got turned upside down. We've talked for a year (and people say even that should have been a warning sign). But when I met him it was like a complete curve ball to my entire life. Something completely unexpected. In one night I knew with complete certainty that I wanted a family, I wanted a forever, and I wanted children just it wasn't with my husband.

Now my internal battle ensues if this is reason enough to leave my husband. My lightbulb has gone off but there is still a thick layer of dust on it which makes it hard for me to see clearly the words on the page that I am supposed to be reading.
LaniBlue LaniBlue
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I left a long term relationship because of this...it worked out fine, I got married to the new guy and had his baby but now here I am 7yrs. laters thinking about divorce and miserable...I'm not saying this will happen to you I am just cautious now in putting all of myself into another person now.