Warning Shots

After all this time last night the conversation happened. She said I need medication for my state of mind so I got a beer sat down in bed and finally said clearly I am not happy. It seems the conversation about one year ago by setting out all that I was unhappy about was conveniently forgotten. I did not ask for a divorce and stopped short.
It was freeing to say what I felt ..I am not happy with the situation here. I am not at peace with it.It actually feels better to get the emotions out.
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I actually just did the same thing the other day when I was driving home after dinner with my wife. The kids are in the back seat and I just looked over and said, "I'm not happy." She didn't really respond. We have talked about our issues hundreds of times and it always ends with us promising each other that we will try harder for each other and then neither one following through. At this point I am just done, I think I just need to take the next step and tell her I am. Life is too short, so why not be happy?

When its like that, nothing is better than divorce. For me personally anyway