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I have been married to my husband for alomst 4 years now. We never had sex as my husband has decrease libido and so many other health problems!!!

I even tried to get pregnant through fertility treatments but all in vain... He loves me but i am not happy with him. He can not any decisions in his life and depend on others for evrything...I don't know what to do? To leave him or stay with him. I am only 28 now.......


sheela87 sheela87 31-35 4 Responses Nov 20, 2008

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Wow. That's not good. My advice is still be there for him. He need you like never before.

your welcome:) I hope the talk goes well and you get out of it what you want, If not best of luck on your new journey in life:)

Thanks bellamomma for the comment. I appreciate it. I think i am going to talk to my husband soon and take a decision.

wow, I am 28 and am going through a divorce now. What I have learned is you have to be happy, both of you happy with the marriage and each other, and if one person isn't it will show, and the marriage wont work...I would speak to him and tell him honestly how you feel and see what he says if he's willing to become more responsible and such...if he's not willing to do any of the like than you can honestly say that you tried and walk away knowing that....then you will have no guilt and can go on to find someone that is capatible to you in all area's.....I wish you the best, if you ever want to chat feel free to drop me a line.