Don't Know What to Do

I have been married for about 4 years now and for the past year I have felt so un happy because I feel like I am the only one who does anything within the relationship I go to work every day at 5 am I drive my family every where since my wife refuses to get a drivers licesnce and work even though we could use the extra money sometimes I think she just does not even think about the future such as when I had an opprotunity to get paid more but we would have to move she refused even though it has hurt my career significantly, I also feel I have become her personal slave she will not make herself food when I am home or get her own drinks I don't mind doing those things but sometimes it would be nice to come home and not be constantly getting up and down up and down or even be able to take a nap for once since I don't sleep well at night any more because I am kept up till late and it becomes a big argument if I take up to much of the bed sigh. I am love my son to death and would do anything for him but I am just not happy in this relationship and I have been thinking of divorce for a few months now I don't go to the gym anymore because I get yelled at and it becomes a big issue as well because I am not coming home right after work. Any advice would be appreciated please help 

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

I definately understand what you are saying my parents divorced when I was 5 or 6 but I lived with my father not my mom for certain reasons but I did visit her on a regular basis and could see her anytime I wanted it does suck at times and is hard on you and your parents. I would still be a part of my sons life if I were to get a divorce and I am not rushing into getting one I am just looking for some advice on this before I do jump to conclusions plus I am also looking into counceling because I know so many people who get divorced and it can cause many problems from money issues to fighting over children. I appreciate your advice and your prayers.

I see so plain where you are coming from,I two have been there.Do you know what your son will have to deal with?I wish you could go and talk to someone who could give you some sound advice.We do not even begin to know the heart ach that will hit at least 30 people we know. The hardest is the years ahead,where your son is concerned,more then anything he needs you.<br />
Children who grow up with out a full time father have big problems.They tend to blame them selves,when all the other kids play ball with their dad,he will feel some anger and some times it goes inward.For the most part with out children go do what ever,hay you can run free. You can't run from it.I know that I'v said,some things you may not like but I had to tell you the truth.My children were 5 & 7 now they are 47&45 they haved some hard times still.I only want you to not rush in to something worse off then what you have now.I wish for you,all that happiness you so want,My God direct your path.