Cut My Wife Hair

I am happily married.Both really enjoy everything. I really like , love and crazy for my wife hairs. My wife hair is long silky and black till waist. She had long hair from more then 8 years. I really love hair and also love to cut hair. Oneday my wife tokk shower and shampooed her her. She came out of the bathroom and dried her beautiful hair. While she was drying her hair I reached there and saw her beautiful hairs . She had told me sometimes back that she would love to have short hair as it is now very difficult to maintain.When I reach near to  her I started playing with her hairs hairs and she loved it very much. I have simply told her should we go ahead and cut your long beautiful hairs short. She suddenly told that she is ready for it, I asked g=her many times she told that really she would loved to have her hair short. I asked her how much short she told me that till shoulder. I then tied her hair and started cutting it off. It was moment that cannot be forget in my life. She then loved it very much with short hair. and she look more sexy , hot and beautiful with her short hair now. She thanks me doing doing that. Then we really had great fun.
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nice hair cutting time u have to take video or photos and share me plz

Tell me more about her haircut. How short is her cut? Would she be willing to go shorter? How short is she will to go? Would like to know.

now her hair lenght is till bra.We are planning short bob this time.may be in this month only

I think that is so sexy for youur man to cut your hair. God I have been looking for someone with the same intrest. If you no any personals t+at include haircutting please let me no.

Hi, I am interested dear. so lets plan out someday. what do you think.

I have a nice pair of scissors waiting to cut some woman's hair....

I'll cut your hair anytime you want! Am a stylist and love doing women's hair. Check me out!

Hi if you wanted to i could helpsend me a message if you do

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Hi Bro, I had a plan to cut her het. We had discuss before doing it. She was planning for short hair. I was also happy that she want short hair. so that day we both were alone in the house and she tokk head bath and came out and dried her hair with a dryer. So I told her dear so wht u think of ur short hair style. She told me that she would loved to do it. I aske her can i cut it for your. first she didnt agree but then she agreed as I told her I will gift her some beautiful stuff for you.She then told ok and let me do it. Her hair was really black silky indian hair. I have the hair piece with me which i always keep with me......if anymore you want to know ket me know

That is an awesome story. I was able to cut my wife's hair a few times, but never as much as you got to cut off. That must have been so enjoyable. How exciting was it to cut that much beautiful long silky hair off? I would really to cut off someone's long hair like that. I would definitely prefer to cut it after being freshly washed and dried and using a pair of scissors to remove most of the hair :) I would like to hear more about your haircutting experience.

hey can u just tell me how did u convince her so that u can cut her hair