Time For A Change

I have suprisingly long hair, its just that my curly springs only ever seem to sit at my shoulders. However when my hair is wet, it finds its way halfway down my back. The longer my hair gets, the longer it takes me to do anything other than throw it up into a pony tail. And that is on a good day, too much humidity and there really is no hope for anything else.

I am actually getting tired of it, and think it might be time for a change. Maybe a physical change, to go with all the emotional ones that have been going on.

So I have been busy looking for the perfect hair style, and now all I need is to take the leap of faith, that the hairdresser won't stuff it up.  Something I find is common with hairdressers and curly hair.

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5 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Just give it a long, long...looooong thought before going through with it. That's all I'm saying...Three years ago, I decided to have my hair cut...really, really short...I looked like a boy, honest. And that's okay, I guess...I'm a handsome boy. haha But it freaked hubby because people thought I'm his son. LOL! Too funny...<br />
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Having it real short is fun...gets boring after a while because that's all there is to it. Winter came and my ears felt like they would just fall off. Hated that. Then you start growing it...and oh my goodness...what a pain. It's that in-between length where you cannot do anything with it. It took my hair probably a year or so to grow it back. Last time I had it short before this was about 10 years ago...I don't know why I did it again. Crazy whim...so think, think, think first. :)

I would be careful not to cut it to short, because you may not be happy.<br />
I got an"In Styler" for Christmas and I love it, you can have your hair straight or curly, depending on your mood. I also put streaks in my hair but I would suggest getting it professionally done or have a friend help you, I had a hard time doing my own and my arms and back hurt afterward. So any way if I were you I would talk to a hair stylist and think about what you want very carefully first, look at the books at the saloon that helps.

Don't do it Lilly! Sorry, but I know you will regret it. Long is good. As you said you can just chuck it back into a ponytail if you are having a bad hair day. With short hair you have to wear a scarf! Why don't you put it into pigtails or two plaits - I do that when I'm feeling young, playful and carefree. It really makes you free different :). la<x>yering is a good idea too but I know that you already have la<x>yered hair. What about an undercut!!! lol. Remeber those?!

It's always like that, ay? Women with straight hair prefers curls...and curly-haired women likes them straightened. Geez...how we manage to satisfy ourselves, I really don't know. ;)<br />
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They tried that before at the salon...had my hair curled for a wedding...hahaha...started at 9am and left at 5pm...and my hair was straight again by wedding time at 7pm...crazy, I tell you. :D

Don't cut your hair!!! No, Lilly...don't! It takes forever to have them grow again...believe me. Been there, done that. Maybe a new hairstyle but still long...uhm, maybe the shortest would be shoulder length. Maybe have them la<x>yered...it gives body to the curls as well. I do love curls. Mine is just freakin' straight! :(