I Am Thinking About It.

I can't cut a lot of it though but I have been a bad girl and let my dog nip at it when I bend down to play with it so I have a few split ends that I am going to take care of. I think I may go black too. (for my hair! ) I have never done an all over color before and the most I have ever done is lowlighting so the thought of this scares me and excites me all at once. I will chicken out as I always do but a girl can dream. 

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LMAO! I hope my head stops hurting. I have so much crap to do.

hehe.. I'm Goin SHOPPIN!!!!!! weeeeeeee

LOL! That is so funny.

ROF.... vagazzle...... too funny. <br />
well.. the kit might make candy Vagazzle then you can eat it. They have body butters my not candy Vagazzle/penazzle you can "glue" it on with sugar.<br />
<br />
OK I have to ad confection sugar and candy dots to my shopping list now !!!!!

Exactly and mine works perfectly and I can just get clip on jewelry or do that vagazzle that faucon told us about lol. i am Not letting some one glue those things on my kitty. If they make a DIY kit I might do it for my guy but I would be afraid he would eat one if it came loose. lol

LOL... that's it your cut off, no more wine for you. :P<br />
<br />
seriously I know what you mean. I WAY too sensitive to get either of those myself. <br />
as they say. "If it ain't broke don't fix it. "

OMG if i was more sensitive and I would c*m instantly lol. I am kind of joking but I am very easily orgasmic and I can go back to back no problem if i am with a man that is in control and keeps talking to me. LOL geesh I need to lay off the wine.

actually I have had a few friends who got a nipple ring and a clitoral ring too. they all say it makes everything MORE sensitive. now that can be good or that can be bad. depending on how sensitive you already are or what you like.

Oh I am always willing to go for it.

LOL oh I would go wilder than that if I did it but I am afraid the sensation would change in my nipples if I did that and we are both into nipples. Did I just say that? My goodness I need to lay off the wine.

oppsies... sorry. :)<br />
<br />
maybe go red. like a sultry terracotta red. Or a nipple ring, or a belly ring. I love how those look. if the ring isn't too large it is very flattering and sexy too.

Darn you are supposed to say that it is a good idea CG! I usually just say I am going to cut it off to shock my bf and push his buttons but I think he has me figured out and it doesn't quite shock him. I think I need to get some new piercing or something. LOL

If your naturally a blond and you have , like most natural blonds, fair skin. going true/Jet black might wash you out. If you have olive skin you might like it.<br />
<br />
take your skin tone into consideration. Also if you are blond consider what it will look like when the color grows out. <br />
<br />
Just some food for thought.