But That's Okay, In A Way...

Except when they use me as if I were nothing more than a toy they can take out whenever they are bored and want something to play with. It would help a lot if I could be valued as a person and not something for them to use whenever they feel like it.

But other than in that context... I have no problem with people using me for their entertainment. I like entertaining people. I love being silly and amusing them. I love making people laugh at how retarded I am. I love making people crack a little smile because I said something weird that made no sense. I like being silly and overly dramatic just so I can watch the amusement and laughter in people's eyes. Maybe I should be a clown for a living, or a circus performer... Or just a Las Vegas or Atlantic City entertainer.

Anyway, my point is, while I don't have a problem with people using me for their entertainment, I don't appreciate being used JUST for entertainment to where people forget to recognize me as a person with feelings and needs, just like them and I certainly DON'T appreciate that from my loved ones, least of all.

deadmoon deadmoon
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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

You & my sister would get along great.