I'm Always Sad When I'm Lonely

There is a problem with me mentally. With people, I trust them to an infinite amount. Once they aren't so close, I question them and develop a system of worry and doubt upon that relationship (including friendships). This doubt and worry built, disintegrates attraction towards me which is why I believe I was created to be alone forever. Certainly someone would have to be exceedingly charming and loving for me to stay with them or keep them happy. The only person I considered myself in love with left me and I believe they will not come back. They knew of my problems, they helped me. They made me a better person. Who knows of the day when I'll be good enough for a decent person?
iwanttobe iwanttobe
18-21, F
2 Responses Apr 19, 2007

You are good enough just the way you are.

Well, exceedingly loving, I can understand that...but charming? Why do they need to be charming? It is very hard to pull off exceedingly charming...but good luck with your search for someone who has both of those qualities in abundance.