Whem I Want To Be Anything But.

having realized at a very early age the truth I stopped really havign a "type"

I started to realize things like this

Aenea Endymion: the wise person has learned patience, with that he can help others understand themselves, the most important thing in any relationship is friendship, you may have a close friend you love for but don't feel attracted to physically, 20 years from now you will both have gone through the ringer in a dozen failed relationships but still be friends... the lovers will be long gone.

Aenea Endymion: that's when you will realize maybe living with a close friend beats being an emotional tampoon for emotionally immature or emotionally draining but physically attractive women ... 

Aenea Endymion: ever notice the really good looking girl is with the really dorky looking guy...or the chick magnet is with plain jane? it's obviously not a physical attraction, it's friendship. A relationship based on friendship can weather time , marrage , cheating , bad habits, illness , addictions , just about any trama that desolves a relationship. Talk all you want, I will be happy to listen, THAT is what friends are for and that's what a real friend will do.   

and how it is that all of the kids were morons making the moves they made because chasing "romance" or whatever word they were trying to glamourize lust into being greater than was going to end in disastter

I wasn't after "Fun" or any of it. I was after the person who woudl be there for me no matter what I went through emotionlaly speaking.

I don't want anything else.. But trying to express this just utter disregard for peoples need for sexual tension to be built up that way only to get someone that really WON'T stick with you through sickness ad in health

It's not worth it. So give me  an unconditional friend or i'll just go to the grave  in pursuit of solitary fun and looking for someone else who enjoys the same things I Do.

I have absolutely no desire to take on further pain that way ever again. Ever.

all I can think of of everyone elses romances is that terrible song most of my post lately seem to have it. Maybe this is natures 
 way of telling me that if i find my own fun someone else will find m3e

:"disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time" seems to be the IDEAL people are seeking in romance.

if you should chose to "pull the trigger" (choose the option you want most. Drink the koolaid of illusion)  "certainly do it somewhere far, far, far far away from here"

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Well Said.... Impressive!!