Sometimes It Feels...

Sometimes it feels like i was created to be alone forever, but for ME, i don't think that is God's plan for ANYONE. The weirdest and actually saddest feeling i have found is when you feel ALONE in a group of people, or when you feel ALONE with your sign. other is sleeping right beside you. i would RATHER be alone than FEEL alone with other people around, if that makes any sense. Right now I have 2 children, so I'm not alone when i have them 60% of the time, and while my marriage was ending i bought a puppy, so even when the kids are gone, i don't feel alone. BUT even when i am feeling my llonliest (usually around other people) i KNOW that, that is just a phase in my life. Recently i made a choice to take a leap of faith and start letting people back IN to my life, that has been both scary and helpful. Ironically though, i am also a person who NEEDS ALONE time, and some people don't understand it.
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There are so many unique facats of each of us. So many different and sometimes conflicting needs to be served and endured as the case may be.<br />
As the Famous Bugs Bunny once said "Frustratin Aint it?"