Being Alone

I feel alone and i also feel that i was created to be alone forever because everybody that i know has that special someone expect for me. I don't think that i will ever meet that special someone because all of my friends have boyfriends and i have to hear about them all of the time and it makes me feel left-out and sad i just don't think that i will ever get one because a lot of guy's at my school think i'am ugly or stupid or if they are just not interested in me. But i wish i could just meet that special guy who is nice, sweet, senstive and who will love me and treat me right.

goneawayforgood goneawayforgood
2 Responses Mar 7, 2009

I'am sorry that had happend to you and i hope you find the right guy for you someday and thankyou for the comment.<br />
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I agree. I dumped two boyfriends for using me. in 2 years. The second one came apoligizing and practically begging for another chance. I was stupid and said yes i will give you another chance. Week later he broke up with me and left me crying. Now he accuses me of stealing his Ipod and I told him to go to hell.<br />
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Boys arent worth it.<br />
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right now my life isn't worth it. I am alone in the world