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well i don,t remmber being molested as a child but their this memory thats gives me a headache
my father their and i,am on a chaneing table geting changed and he is touching me i think it happened when i was three our seven years old the memories our realy pain full and i can barely
think of my father abuseing me but at night i use to have dreams about abuse and i was in a hopstial their was a bad one and a good one and i was at the bad one geting abused and i was
haveing thesse dreams. for my hole childhood i don,t know why but i,am twenty five know and
i,am haveing thesse voices in my head telling me about my past i hade seizures as a toldler and
i can only remmber parts of my childhood i out grow them when i was seven years old so this just
stands out in my mind i stated writeing stories about my abuse and i,am writieing about what happens what i remmber.
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get some counseling.