Odd One Out

Ever since I was little I was pointed out for looking different than my siblings. My grandparents and parents just assumed I looked different because my mother handled the pregnancy different than the others. But to be honest I think I was switched at birth. Both of my sisters are pale skin, big-boned, small Asian eyes, they have the same nose, full set of teeth, and are athletic. While for me on the other hand, I have tan/olive skin, was born missing two teeth, I don't have Asian eyes at all. I have compared my face to all types of Asian and my eyes do not look Asian, and I'm short and really thin. I honestly do believe that I was switched at birth and that I actually belong to a different ethnic background too.
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2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

This day and age nothing is hidden. Easy blood type kits found on line will give you possibilities. We had these way back when I was young. But DNA test are a sure way to know. Don't kid your self white kids can come from mostly black parents. It's just not that likely. Moms do fool around its a fact. Hospitals also make mistakes. Before you point fingers pluck some hair from mom dad and your self and send it in. Don't be surprised if your parents are your parents.

Genetics plays tricks. My siblings are olive skinned with dark hair and eyes. I'm porcelain skinned with blonde hair and blue eyes. I was not switched at birth. DNA picks and chooses different characteristics for each person. If you go down my family tree my maternal grandfather is fair, blonde and blue eyed. Sometimes traits jump generations a bit.