Like A Father With His Baby

When I looked into the eyes of the stranger who was my math teacher this thought flew through my brian: 'like a father with his baby'. I felt incredibly embaressed and vulnerable.
As I got to know him, I kept thinking how this person reminded me of my Dad, although this didn't make sense to me becuase they were nothing like the man who raised me. Then the thought flew through my brain, almost in an amused way: 'reminds you more of your father than your father does' I also felt like I knew him from somewhere, from some distant childhood memory that was to old for my brain to reach.
I've always had good 'intuition' but is this to crazy to trust? I feel angry because I want THEM to come to ME and say that they have been feeling like I could be there child.
I look nothing like the family I grew up in and look exeactly like this person etc. etc. (according to my family I am not adopted)
I guess what I really want to know is how would you react if someone told you that they thought they were your child? Should I try to talk to him about it or is that like NOT what I should do?
Also, I read somewhere about a girl who was adopted at birth who had never seen her father her entire life and then when she was a teenager she saw him without knowing who he was and a thought flew through her brain: 'thats my father!' and he had the distinct feeling that she was his duaghter and then they talked to each other and were right. Could my story, could my strange thoughts, be linked to this somehow?
I really love the family who raised me, I just feel a strong unexplainable connestion with him. I feel like I have to find out the truth but don't have the courage to ask my parents for a DNA test because I am worried that I will offend them. How can I ask my parents to do a DNA test without offending them? If I do a DNA test and actually am related to the people who raised me will they hate me for waisting their money?
Anyway, please pray for me!:) thanks:)
Please please please leave a comment!!! thank you for reading!

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Oh btw sorry if I don't have a lot of periods after each sentence. I'm on my iPhone typing all this,

Wow my situation is so similar to yours. Except I have an overly strong feeling I know who both my real parents are. My parents who raised me have mental issues one has brain damage that one day she is more like a 50 year old adult the next she has the mentality of a 7 year old. all this is medically documented. the other has something wrong with him mentally and its noticeble to everyone but no one can figgure it out. they have both been like that since they were toddlers. I look nothing like the parents who raised me and all my family grandma and aunts uncles always say they can't figure out who I look like and that I don't look like anyone really. Which is sad also what is sad is how my grandma on my moms side said to me once that I probably should have never been born. But she didn't say it as if she was mad or hates me kind of way. Just that my life would have been better if I was not born to the people who raised me but she didn't explain it that way. But I know that's what she meant. My whole life growing up all my family members always tried to get my "parents" to give me up for adoption to different members of the family and everyone out side of the family always insisted that I must have been adopted and there was no way I was biologically my parents kid. My birth cirtificate from the hospital the keepsake one has a bunch of stuff whited out and re typed over and then there was another one keepsake with no mess up's. I asked my mom about it and she said the hospital made a mistake when writing it. She also has this crazy story about how when I was born the nurse brought in a boy to my parents from the nursery and brought me to some other parents and the other parents never noticed but apparently mine did and swore they had a girl not a boy and the nurse was trying to argue with them about the gender of the baby they had. Any way fast forward to 5 years ago I met this lady through my sister and brother in law and the connection I felt for her was unbelievable and the looks I look and act so much like her everyone notices it and my family gets defensive when they have seen her around me. Anyway this lady's name is Ann and she felt the same towards me cause we have talked about it. I've asked her if she was my mom and she says she's not but that she wished she was and she feels more love for me than she does with her own kids. Her father even gets very happy when he sees me and gives me hugs and kisses my forehead and her mom looks at me like she knows me from somewhere even tho I've only met her 3 times and exchanged hellos and that's it. Ann's dad does know me from when I was little I went to private school with his grand kids but it was my parents who knew him more than I did. But about Ann she always talks to me about this crazy story of how she had an abortion and the story of how she got pregnant was she was in Seattle at a high school reunion thing with friends and her soon to be spouse and she was drunk "she's an alcoholic" she was in an elivator at this hotel by her self and a guy was there and they started flirting and went to his room to have sex and she got pregnant from that. all these things make me go hmm..The one I feel is my father is even more weird tho. My Ob from when I was pregnant with my son. From the day he met me he insisted he knew me and I said no but felt kinda weird there was something about him but not very strong. I would go back and forth one appt I hated the guy the next I was excited to see him and enjoyed his presence. Fast forward to 3 months after baby was born and I'm getting off the elivator of the doctors building connected to the hospital taking my son to his 3 month appt and my Ob his name is Shawn was on the other side getting on and almost walked into me. I was stunned but excited to see him but was in a rush but he seemed really interested in chatting for a sec so we did and he was really happy seeing my baby and I and we locked eyes and from that second on I felt the strong connection and have ever since been trying to figure it out and his look on his face said he felt it to. All the people who work with him say he is very forgetful and doesn't remember much of anyone after they have their last visit after pregnancy but here we are 2 years later and he still remembers everything about me. I have always since that elevator run in have not been able to stop thinking or wondering about him and often feel like he is thinking and wondering as we'll. i feel this incessant need to be hugged and held by him. And always have this dream that we are sitting on a couch I'm crying and he's holding me and crying and saying I'm sorry baby I'm so sorry. I really hope I'm right about all this cause it feels right and natural to have these two as my parents. I don't want the people who raised me to be my parents. I can't even call my dad by the name of dad because it is to uncomfortable. Never told him i love him and he doesn't tell me either I feels to foreign. I don't feel love towards him or my mom anyway and people who know me like my husband understand to a point. But Ann I love her more than words can describe. And feel like I love Shawn too but not quite sure if that's what I'm feeling with him. Ann refuses to take a DNA test and my parents will never willingly do it so I have to figure out another way to get their DNA.

My situation is like that but no one i know I feel is my parents I just feel like my parents aren't mine they feel like strangers