I'm Switched

I found out that I was switched at birth. I know I know what are the possibilities of that. My moms blood type is B+ and I'm O- nothing wrong with that right. Wrong I didn't know my dads blood type because my parents are divorced hand have been since I was an infant. So in science class we were learning about genetics like hair color eye color similar face shape things like that. And I look nothing like my mom or dad I have light brown hair my mom have very dark brown hair but she colors it and my dad haves reddish color hair. And I started to ask my mom about my blood type and all she knows that I'm O she doesn't know if I'm - or + witch in fact I am O- if you were wondering. Sense my mom is B+ she says my dads blood could be anything to A- A+ B- B+ O- O+ but could not be AB - or +. And my dads blood type is drumroll please AB. So I am not my moms baby and I don't know who my real parents are.
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I am sorry but I am happy for you at the same time! Good luck on finding your real parents. Let me know how it goes, I care! Kim (tried leaving my email address but the board thinks it is spam)