B+ And Ab = O-

Wrong I can't be related to my mom and dad if my mom is B+ and my dad is AB this can't be happing. If I'm not related to them I need to find my real parents no madder what. πŸ‘ͺ All I could think about where they lived 🏠 are they niceπŸ‘Ό are they mean πŸ‘Ή am I a only child πŸ‘§ do they like animals 🐱🐢 I wanted to know everything about my parents absolutely everything
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How did u find out ur blood type?

B+ and AB- can create a child with O-. If your dad is an rh negative blood type then your mom would be carrying the negative recessive Gene. I am B- and my husband is A-. We had a child that is O-.

I think they use the word Bio-logical parents not real.... I really hope you find them. Good luck <3

I don't even know if I am switched its just a theory