This Mite Sound Weird But...

I think I'm switched at birth and even when I talk about it or look it up and then my mom called me or something I suddenly act more like her loud kind of annoying very sarcastic and I'm normally kind of quiet/loud nice considerate of the people around me. It's like I have two personalities the one I am and the one I'm suppose to be. I know it's weird like I said before its like I have two souls one mine and one who's not. It's kind of like something is trying to get to know my mom when I'm loud and sarcastic then I'm like her child but it doesn't seem like me to do that I have no control of what I say and do. Maybe when in like that someone else is like that too but quiet nice and considerate maybe to her mom.
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13-15, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

It may be because your Mom may not accept you being nice, so you switch up to get along and hopefully be liked. I promise life will be better when you are old enough to move out of the house. I recommend you setting your goals like getting the best grades you can and going to college so you can support yourself nicely upon graduation. Just make sure your major is one that is in demand and pays decent money and try to take out as few student loans as you can. Good luck and God Bless!