Destined To Be Alone Forever

In my life, I've met a lot of different people, like everyone I had good times and bad times. Even in the good time I always knew I was going to be alone, no matter how many friends I made I knew somehow or someway I'd always be alone. It's not that im not positive, if anything I am always positive, I never give up and always try my best.

A few years back, I amde the most important promise in my life. I met a friend and we both realized and that no matter what happens we will always be alone but we promised to always try to never be alone. Even if we had to fail everytime, even knowing that at the end we'd always be alone, we'd keep fighting against being alone.

4 years later(now), I'm not even sure I can keep that promise, it hurts being alone yet it's harder to try not being alone.

Sinlaw Sinlaw
18-21, M
2 Responses May 4, 2010

Bro, u ain't alone. Trust me. Try to find that one thing that fills u with whatever hope u need n just lean on that when u alone. Even if it something considered " weird" " impossible " or " nonexistent " cause what believes in is what exists. Sorry pal, man u ain't alone. Peace.

Sometimes, life's plans just don't work out. I've always had a problem of thinking I made mistakes, but I was wrong about that. There.... you see, no one is perfect.