Failed relationship after failed relationship, even a divorce thrown in there for flavor.

My expectations are too high - I know this. The thing is, my expectations are personality-based. I want someone who won't lie to me. I want someone who will treat me with respect and not belittle or abuse me. I want someone who can handle life's stressors without crumbling. I want someone who is genuinely happy most days. I realize that we cannot all be happy and laid back all the time, but we sure as hell can most of the time - I am living, breathing proof.

Instead, I seem to find men who claim to be all of the above and end up falling on their faces trying to live up to it.

Why is it so hard to find a respectful, non abusive, happy man?
vivalafireball vivalafireball
26-30, F
2 Responses May 29, 2012

Your standards are not too high! You have a right to not be treated like garbage! Yes you see a lot of couples around everywhere, but honestly how many are just playing perfect in public? Most of them! Don't settle for less, you know what you want, so that's what you should get!

There seem to be very small numbers of either gender who are actually happy, well-adjusted adults...just irks me that I have yet to date one.