Sad And Lost In This World

I'm not that old but when I was 8 I lost all my friends and my beloved dog just because of my brothers medical problem. We had to move from S.A to vic. It was not easy fitting in Victoria but I had to try for my brothers sake. At the moment I have one friend but that my fault I don't talk very often. I think no one would understand my position because moving from S.A to Vic was like losing my whole life. Now I feel like I'm lost. the school staff have triend to find out why I'm quite but all I can tell them is nothing because its hard for me to talk about my past. People think I'm wierd because I have my head stuck in a book all day. I get teased for how I look and because I read alot. My only friend (which is a boy by the way) knows how it feels to be teased about who he is. Hes the one I'd turn to for help if I was being teased. He always tells me to calm down. (don't go getting any ideas cuz hes got a girlfriend) He is like a big brother to me sometimes Ican really hate him because his most comen question is do you have an eye on any boys yet. My answer is always NO!!!!! That really it for my story.(don't try to understand me plz!)
MoniqueCarter MoniqueCarter
Oct 12, 2012