No One To Love!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Michael and I don't know what is but I can't find nobody to like me. No girls want to talk to me, if I am lucky enough to conversate with a girl, I have nothing to say. My so - called "friends" do not invite me to parites or to hang out with them. If I don't say anything to them, I would never leave my house. One time i wlaked into class, and some random girl said eww as I stepped into the room. I have never heard something so rude, hurtful, degrading, embarrassing in my entire 17 year old life. For a human being with feelings to say that someone is gross, you have no sympathy for anyone. Have you felt that no one likes you, but there is always one person that thinks you are cute? Not once has ever happened to me. I have told young women that I think they are pretty and their response breaks my heart because of how these girls fell no remorse over what they say. Hopefully you guys can understand how terrible my social lifeis. I wish no one in the world goes through the pain and agony of not having a significant other.
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Oh Mikey, welcome to the club.


When it happened to me 20 years ago, the last thing I wanted was a pep talk. I didn't want to hear that, "you're only 17, it'll get better crap." I didn't need pity, nor did I want it. It hurt like hell, and that was that. It sucks. It sucks that a human being would treat another human being like that. I can't believe that things have changed so much (that is to say not at all) in 20 years.

I'm not going to tell you that you don't need them. I'm not going to give you the false hope of an 80's teen movie that it'll all change tomorrow.

I can't fix it. I can't make it better. And for dang sure I'm not going to blow sunshine up your south end.

You have one choice my friend. Endure the suck. And it does suck. Tomorrow is one less day you have to be around self absorbed idiots. Make a plan to get out of there. Look at it every day. Figure out what you are doing when school is over. Focus on every detail. Are you going to join the military? Are you going to go to college? Where can you work that is not there?

If you're going to join the military, which branch? If you're going to college, where, to study what? If you're going to a job, where, to do what?

No, it isn't easy. Endure the suck. High school is meant to be the shittiest time of your life. Make the choice every day this is one less day you have to endure. So be it. Respond, and I will to.