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Never As Good As The First Time.

It's cliché I know but I hope it's not true. It's been over a year and a half and find myself in this dilemma. In my 38 years I had never experienced soulmate love,unconditional love despite having been married previously. And what kills me is the idea that it will never occur again and if I met someone else I can't settle for less. Obviously it didn't work between us. Although the pain is gone I feel lost and stricken by this dilemma if now having to settle for less which I refuse to do.
Calviv11 Calviv11 36-40, F 3 Responses Nov 7, 2012

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Never settle........I am working on making myself a reflection of what I would like to have. A reflection of what is important to me. I had a spiritual adviser tell me to make a list of everything I want in a woman. Then we got together and reviewed the list. I expected a completely different response. His question was " how many of these qualities do you have?" "Water seeks it's own level." I always remembered that. I went through a divorce with a lady that I poured my heart and soul into the marriage. Left me wondering what now. I did my best and I still felt like I failed. Then I realized that I have two wonderful step kids that love me. A grand daughter that is my everything. So it wasn't a waist. My best made and continues to make it possible for these children to love and respect me. A broken heart is better then a hardened heart. I would rather hurt for a lost love, then to not be able to love because of fear.

Very true water seeks it's own level. I've been working on being my best authentic self.
I agree better give love a try than having your soul die but protected.

Never settle for less, but always think for real, don't let your dreams take you to the dark sides of love. Always think twice or more if you have the time, and this gonna be before you really fall in love with anybody. Don't give the full trust unless you done all of your exams on the other partner,examine him,analyse him ,question him same questions a lot of times and keep a distance between each time , so you can know if there is any lies in between and then face him with it.
Love can pass by you everyday and everytime, but true love ONLY ,will stay with you all the time.
Enjoy your life and wait for the best not the better :)

Thank you
Your advise helps as I perhaps tend to wear my heart on my sleeve.At least i did with him.
I will definitely follow your advise.

That's how I feel about Kathryn