Alone Forever =/

I want to love..but i think i will be alone forever.I realize that coz i dont know..i push others away..many times.I m afraid what will happen next.Its the first time i write about this but i feel that i ll stay alone..After my prince,i thought i loved someone which i still feel something but dont think its love..There are some students in my college,some just say hi at the bus stop-many times laugh at me coz i m shy or i get nervous around many people-and after we get the bus and arrive at the beach they ask me out.I always say no..

There's someone always make me nervous..well my feelings are always confused-im a complicated person..-he looks good but i pushed him away by saying i dont talk to black people(me?black people?that i believe we are all egual..i said a lie to push him away) we dont talk even if i want to but i m afraid..afraid to trust,afraid to be in a relationship and move on i guess..

by writing i feel closer to someone,so what i do?tell whoever i will love to exchange letters and then be together?hehehe!..

so i think it will be just me prince again..

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"AS A MAN THINKS, SO IS HE!" This way of thinking is wrong for your future. You are creating a future you do not really want. This way of thinking believe me, is not good for anyone. Start thinking positive and start creating the pleasant life you treuly deserve.

some day you will find you prince.

i know what u mean shellfinder..<br />
i wish that was easy..<br />
estiban i dont think its pathetic really..its just difficult

i have the same problem, but i think i push people away because im afraid of rejection. to a point some people would call.... pathetic i suppose...i can just never put that thought out of my head that im going to be horribly embarrassed and on top of that its going to be awkward to talk to her anymore

I get nervous too around women. There are a few good many women, both on here and where I live that i really like but I'm afraid to talk to. It's hard not to be nervous, but you can't let it take over you sweetie. Tell the people that it's hard to talk because you're shy and get nervous easily. there might be more people out there that understand what you are going through and HAVE been where you are than you think Angel.

Getting hurt emotionally is just as healthy as a good relationship that last forever. How can you know what you need and want in a person or relation if you do not have any idea what its like to be loved? <br />
<br />
Walk into the fires and get burned now and then.<br />
Just dont stay too long in the fires, cause its always time to drink and cool off.<br />
Its like some child who wont eat certain foods cause they might taste awful...but never know. Hello? <br />
<br />
Living and loving is a good exercize in life. That way, you grow up and know exactly what you want.

its not something i want to..

Oh dear, sister. Don't push people awy, ever. Good souls are out there.