I Battle This Thought...

Almost constantly I struggle with the thought that I will be alone forever. I fight it. I can't seem to beat it permanantly. It's always there... Haunting me.

drcynic drcynic
26-30, M
5 Responses Apr 10, 2009

drcynic, did you love anyone? or do you like someone around yours? <br />
could you be a little more descriptive about your problem or about your present condition?<br />
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if you find time you may join some club of your interest, where you will find people of your same interest. look it is hard to say but its true that no one 's gonna knock your door if you sit still. go out and try to find out someone of choice - have a conversation and do not fear rejection. remember failure is the pillar of success.<br />
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you can mail me. i don't have total idea of your problem yet.

I have lots of books... I know a couple languages too... Although I'd like to learn French... The only person I know that knows it is in Virginia...<br />
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Oh, and my job pretty much defines me.

yes, believe in what you are telling yourself. at the same time, find some new hobbies like learning a new language. do you know 'books' can be your best friends? so make it a hobby to read books. love your present job fully or do fully what you are doing now by loving it.

I tell myself the same thing... I tell myself that I can be loved and that I deserve someone to spend my life with, and that I'll have a family.

I know how you feel...but you know that it's a lie because you don't know what the future holds so you don't whether you'll be alone or not! (This is what I tell myself!)