And Thats....okay

i am bothered quite often by the fact that people can't stand the fact that i am actually quite happy and content being "alone" (i use the word "alone" meaning in a "love/significant other" way) i have a great family, i love my job, i have the cutest bestest doggie in the world, i enjoy my simple life, and am quite content being "alone" , why is it everyone in the world thinks that the only way to happiness is by finding another person to be with.....its annoying

thebigjared thebigjared
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2010

I totally agree it's okay to be alone. I've accepted this reality and it's liberating.

I'm the same. Happy just walking my own path. I used to worry about it, about not "partnering up" like everyone else, but now realise it isn't so bad. Would much rather be on my own, than desparately trying to find someone to be with. I've witnessed too many people getting hurt that way. <br />
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I think for a lot of people, they get really anxious and scared about being alone, and assume it is the same for you. That when you tell them you are happy you are just putting on a brave face for their benefit. They don't believe you are actually ok with it.

i thought that i'm some kind of freak because i feel happy being alone :) nice to see there are some other people who feels the same