Not Think................know!

~ Yep, I'm a worrier..... The only thing I can say about it, is that I came by it honestly. My momma's a BIG worrier. She's had ulcers since she was 16. Had grey hair at 16. She gives new meaning to the word "Overprotective", so my worrying is definitely natural. Mahahahhaa!! ~
~ I worry about EVERYTHING. I worry about war, violence, monsters, love, friends, family, what I'm gonna have for dinner.... EVERYTHING is up for grabs with me. lol. I'm not as bad as my mom but then I don't have kids, so that could be part of it. If I ever get the chance to be a mom, my hubby better be real calm & controlled. LMAO! Because if he's like me in any way we are so SCREWED at parenting. ;-]

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Mar 22, 2009