Not Completely...

I don't always agree with this. For some yes, if they are abusing Ep members than YES, they should stayed banned, but for some other reason no. Like for me, I was banned a couple of years, due to my safety. Emotionally I was in the worst place that I had ever been in, and I couldn't handle a lot of things that were going on, so I was placed on a Ban, after a year, I was able to come back after a LOT of presuading! I am so glad I was allowed to come back, I had Missed this place So much! So not always do I think people who are banned should stay banned, I believe there should be SOME exceptions. 
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2011

Yes, you were one of the reasons I put in my "conditional" reinstatement in mine. There are so many things going on here that I am glad I don't own this site. it used to be so much more simple.

Yes, it makes sense that there might be reasons to be conditionally banned rather than permanently banned (but I think that there should be a distinction made). In your case, I don't think you should have been banned unless you were being destructive toward others...and it probably should then have been a conditional ban.