Jesus Is the Only One That Can Fill the Viod In My Life

Befor I got saved, i always felt that there was somting missing in my life a emtyness that i just couldn't fill on my own. nothing seem to fill the voild that was there... i knew that jesus was real and knew him but didn't know him the way that i do now..... the void was never filled till i excepted him into my life. i battle things but one thing is for sure he fights my fights for me and leads me in the way that i need to go.... he is alll that anyone could ever want in there life's.....and if u have a void of emtyness ask god to fill that for you...... i knew that when i called on jesus in my crisis he was always there to lead me through...
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2 Responses Jun 19, 2007

I do agree no!

I also feel a gap of dissapointment and emptyness, No normal human being can fill the emptyness except our lord and saviour Jesus Christ but we all need encouragement from belivers of Jesus christ like our selfs
may the almighty God Bless you and your lived ones

Some one with a complete faith nice .....