This World Needs To Come Back To The Purpose And Meaning Of Marriage.

Ive been married for almost 10 months and couldnt be more happy. Yes its been a "take it one day at a time" type deal but I knew that when I took those vows. The thought that people actually try to "bend the rules" and make marriage what they want it to be is sickening. Why even get married? Stay single and do what works for you but dont drag the sanctity of marriage into it. My parents have been married for 25 years (and counting) and I have never witnessed or even heard them mention bringing someone else into the relationship or looking elsewhere. It just isnt right. Think about how your kids are going to be confused if anything. They deserve to have that structured family. If youd prefer to just be parents then just be parents and keep your business away from the kids. Its just frustrating to see how people disrespect marriage so much in this day and age. I pray for the future of marriage and that one day maybe we can get back to the basics.
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wow married 10 months you are obviously using your considerable experience to base your comment on ...NOT!!! Come back when you have at least 10 years ..if you are still married then.

"Take it one day at a time" within 10 months of marriage doesn't sound like a good start. I've been with my wife for 3 and a half and still cannot wait to get home to her each night. Yes, we enjoy the Lifestyle every so often as it pleases us.

I am very sorry, but that reads as self righteous clap trap.

I have been married nearly 20 years and there are no rules to bend concerning marriage except for the rules one makes about ones own marriage. Fortunately for the free world we dropped the theistic based clap trap years ago.

Marriage is what YOU make of your own, it is not the business nor the right of anyone to judge someone else's methodology or approach to marriage. You can frown at what others do, you may think its immoral, that doesn't make you right, they may think yours sounds dismal and depressing.

You may think "I don't care what they think". What makes you so special?

Why even get married? Because they want to, it is their choice.
Stay single? They don't want to, it's their choice.

I have no doubt that your feelings on this are, from your point of view, sincere and what you would consider moral, but, the only part I would accept as sense is keep it away from the kids, swinger or just husband and wife, the rest reads like self righteous, very likely church fueled nonsense.

Sorry for the rant, but you simply do not have the right to dictate.